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David's Blog
Tuesday, September 01 2015

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and I want to encourage each of our churches to plan how to make the most of that opportunity to show some radical love to the man God has called and positioned as the undershepherd of your church.  Show love also to his wife and family.  And show love to the rest of your ministerial staff and their families.

     I pastored one church for 19 years.  When people went out of their way to show their support and encouragement, it meant the world to me.

    A LifeWay Research survey just released reminds us of some of the things your pastor may be facing:
• 84 percent say they're on call 24 hours a day.
• 80 percent expect conflict in their church.
• 54 percent find the role of pastor frequently overwhelming.
• 53 percent are often concerned about their family's financial security.
• 48 percent often feel the demands of ministry are more than they can handle.
• 21 percent say their church has unrealistic expectations of them.
    Despite the stresses, 92 percent of pastors say their congregations regularly give genuine encouragement to them and their family.  And that encouragement goes a long way to counter the discouraging words the pastor often hears.

    What could you do to show appreciation to your pastor?
    First, let me suggest that you personally begin to encourage your pastor and his family on a regular basis.  Don’t wait for a special emphasis.  Do it all the time.  Make opportunities to let your pastor know you love, appreciate, and care about him.
     Second, during Pastor Appreciation Month do something together as a church in a formal way.  This can be led by the deacons or personnel team.  Begin planning now.  October is right around the corner.

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     The next time you come visit or drive past the TRBA office building, be sure to take note of the new sign on the front and the new parking lot in the back.  Both were completed in August and are very welcome additions to the property.  When you park in the new lot, you can enter the building through the rear door.

Ready for company,
David Williams

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