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David's Blog
Wednesday, June 01 2016

One thing all missionaries have to deal with is culture.  The cultural changes in our own nation sometimes make us feel like missionaries in a foreign land.  But that’s okay.  People of every nation and people of every culture need Jesus.  That includes people in 2016 U.S.A.

    David Adams and John Litzler spoke at our May Executive Board meeting to help us know how to deal with the cultural changes we are facing today.  Adams is a Baptist denominational leader; Litzler is a Baptist attorney who works a lot with churches.
    They gave us some great information and encouragement.  The big take-away was that we need to face the changes in our society with truth and grace.
    Sometimes we just want to tell the truth.  Sometimes we just want to show grace.  We need both: the truth of God’s Word delivered with God’s grace.
    There is no one beyond the reach of God’s grace.  
    It is not for us to decide that someone could never be saved because of their particular sin.  It is not for us to insist that people stop that particular sin before they come to Christ.  It is not for us to declare that if they continue in that particular sin they must not have really come to Christ.
    Our responsibility is to share the Gospel with all people, hoping they will trust Jesus, and knowing that the Holy Spirit will convict them of that sin and other sins, transforming them day by day — just as He did when He saved you and me despite our sin and just as He is continuing to work in our lives even now, convicting and transforming us.  
    I was a sinner before I trusted Jesus and was still a sinner after I trusted Him.  I was justified, not because I had become sinless, but because Jesus is sinless.  The Holy Spirit began convicting me of specific sins and transforming my life.  He is still sanctifying me today.
     Let’s be faithful to share the Good News of Jesus with everyone and let the Holy Spirit take care of the convicting of sin and the transforming of lives.

Thankful to be forgiven,
David Williams

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