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David's Blog
Saturday, November 01 2014

Thanks to all of you who made the 70th Annual Session of Trinity River Baptist Association such a memorable event.  

Thank you to Joe Dacus and the people of First Sour Lake for hosting the event, providing hospitality, audio-visual services, and a wonderful meal.  
    Thank you to those who wrote ministry reports, and those who had responsibilities during the sessions.
    Thank you to the guests who came from other entities to set up tables and provide information to our people.  
    Thank you to Donna Kay and the North Main Praise Team for leading us in singing those special songs about overflowing with the Living Water of Jesus Christ.  
    Thank you to Scott Tidwell for moderating the meeting. 
    Thank you to Shawn Vickers for delivering a powerful message from God.  
    Thank you to Theresa Mitschke who worked so hard to get everything printed and ready for the meeting.  
    Thank you to the volunteers who helped put together the book of reports.  
    Thank you to the pastors, secretaries and church clerks who completed and turned in the annual church profiles so we could have a complete report from all 41 of our churches.
    And thank you to each one of the 116 people who attended the meeting.  We loved seeing each and every one of you.  

Some highlights of business
Approved a 2015 budget of $194,799, which  is 16% larger than the 2014 budget.  One tenth of the new budget is devoted to church planting and missions and ministries beyond TRBA.

Elected Rick Edwards as moderator and Steve Bean as vice moderator.

Scheduled the 2015 annual meeting at 5:15-8 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 27, at Old River Baptist Church.  Tim Gruver will preach the annual sermon; Dick Lintelman will be the alternate.

TRBA missions giving
    As your church plans next year’s budget, please prayerfully consider your associational missions giving.  
    If you are giving a fixed amount to TRBA, let me encourage you to switch to percentage giving.  That way, as your church finances increase, you will automatically increase your TRBA missions giving. 

Take him to Jesus!
    I like what Freddie Villarreal said at the annual meeting: “If you have a car and it’s a Ford and it breaks, you take it to Ford.  If you have a Chevrolet and it breaks, you take it to Chevrolet.  If you have a Dodge and it breaks, you take it to Dodge.  So, if you have a man and he’s lost, he’s not saved, he’s broken, you take him to Jesus.”
    All around us are broken people who need the fixing that only Jesus can give.     

Thankful for you,
David Williams

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