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Sunday, February 01 2015

As Paul and Barnabas wrapped up their first missionary journey, they returned to the churches they had just started a few months before in Lystra, Iconium and Pisidian Antioch, “strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith.”  And they also “appointed elders for them in each church” (Acts 14:22-23).

    Those elders Paul and Barnabas appointed became pastors of those young congregations.  
    New believers themselves, having just been won to Christ by the missionaries who had come through town a few months earlier, those men needed a crash course in what it takes to be a pastor, an elder, a leader of a congregation.
    TRBA’s Pastor Essentials class is our effort to train men who live and work in our area to be pastors.  Some of those men will start new churches.  Some will become pastors of our existing churches.

Pastors are important
    Churches need pastors.  
    To start a new church, you need a pastor.
    To help a church get back on track in fulfilling the Great Commission, you need a pastor.
    To grow a church, you need a pastor.
    To equip the members of a church to use their spiritual gifts, you need a pastor.
    To model the sacrificial servant spirit of Jesus Christ, you need a pastor.
    To revitalize a church that is about to close its doors, you need a pastor.
    For a church to become all that God designed it to be, desires it to be, and certainly deserves it to be . . . you need a pastor.
    A church without a pastor is like a load of hay without a wagon, or a wagon without a horse, or a horse without a bridle.  Or maybe all three.  There are no words adequate to describe the incompleteness of a church without a pastor.

But what about “bad” pastors?
    No church wants a “bad” pastor, but a “bad” pastor is not one you disagree with or don’t get along with or don’t like the looks of, or doesn’t do things the way you think they ought to be done.  
    A “bad” pastor is one who is criminal, immoral, unethical, or seeking his own good rather than seeking the will of God for himself and his church.
    Be very careful about criticizing any pastor who is called by God to lead your church and is earnestly seeking to do so.  Your church desperately needs that man.  And your church desperately needs you to follow that man rather than try to derail his efforts.
    Churches call pastors.  Don’t call a “bad” pastor.  Find out what kind of man he is before you call him.  Be sure that you are calling the man God wants you to call.  Once you do that, then be confident you have a “good” pastor.
    Here are a couple of truths that have grabbed me lately:
    1. Every church needs a pastor who will lead them to accomplish God’s purposes.
    2. Every church needs a congregation that will follow their God-given pastor.    

Equipping pastors to serve you and lead you,
David Williams

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