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David's Blog
Thursday, February 25 2016

What keeps a pipeline from flowing?  Sometimes the pipeline is clogged with muck or debris.  Sometimes there is a break in a pipe.  But sometimes the only problem is that nothing is going into the pipeline.  That is the problem we are seeking to address here in our association with our Church Planting Pipeline.  If we are going to see new church starts come out of the Pipeline, then we must see three things go into the Pipeline: Men Called by God, Churches Led by God, and People Loved by God.

    Through our 2016 Pastor Essentials Class (see story on page 1), we are continuing to prepare Men Called by God, an emphasis we began last year.
    This year we are adding a focus: equipping Churches Led by God (to start new churches).
    Jan. 12-14 eight of our pastors and one layman joined me for a Churches Planting Churches training event at the TRBA office.
    As a part of that training, each of us was challenged to develop our own Church Planting V-I-P Presentation, telling what our vision is for church planting (that’s the “V”), what our personal involvement will be (that’s the “I”), and what our plan is for carrying out that vision (that’s the “P”).
    We were to develop our presentation for our own church or ministry, so each would be different.  The one I developed for Trinity River Baptist Association is at the bottom of this page.  It is a work in progress, but it will give you a good idea of where we are going, how we plan to get there, and what I will personally be doing to help us move forward in that plan.
    I wish all of you could have been in that Churches Planting Churches training event.   Here are some important “take-aways” from the conference:

  • The most effective strategy for reaching the world for Christ is church planting.
  • The most biblical strategy for reaching the world for Christ is church planting.
  • In the U.S., more than 200 million people do not have a personal relationship with Christ.  Since only China and India have total populations larger than this, that makes the U.S. the third largest mission field in the world.
  • In order to become a church-planting church, a congregation must have a burden for lost people, a willingness to step out in faith, a vision for a region, a spiritual maturity, a generous spirit, and a kingdom mindset.
  • The idea of church planting is always met with resistance, but that can be overcome with sharing information, answering objections, time, and prayer.

Praying for partners in planting,
David Williams



Develop a Church Planting Pipeline that results in a continuous flow of new church plants started by the churches of Trinity River Baptist Association.


Prepare Men Called by God
•Facilitate Pastor Essentials class
•Encourage nomination of men to class
•Maintain resume file of potential pastors
•Encourage those looking for pastorates to consider church planting
•Provide assessment of potential planters
•Provide coaching/mentoring for planters

Equip Churches Led by God
•Cast vision and seek to create a culture of church planting within the association
•Promote the need for church planting
•Encourage each pastor to consider leading his church to plant a new church, or to partner with another church in planting
•Provide Church Planting 101 event for churches considering planting
•Partner with planting churches
•Provide quarterly church planting luncheons

Discover People Loved by God
•Encourage churches to lead their people to participate in Pray 4 Every Home initiative
•Invite state conventions to lead us in probes of our area to find unreached peoples
•Survey communities to find pockets of people not reached by existing churches
•Study demographics to find ethnic/language and other groups that need churches


2014 – Cast vision
2015 – Begin Pastor Essentials class to prepare men called by God
2016 –  Begin Church Planting 101 to equip churches led by God
         –  Begin Pray 4 Every Home emphasis
2017 – Begin probes/surveys/studies to discover people loved by God

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