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David's Blog
Tuesday, March 01 2016

As we seek to be obedient to the Great Commission, we don’t wait until we reach everyone in our Jerusalem before we start sending the gospel to the places far away.  We can pray and give toward missions in other areas.  But we can also go to those areas on mission trips and through mission partnerships.
    The proposed partnership covenant (see column to right), challenges us to have Kingdom impact away from our home base.   

    It was Texas Baptists who answered the “Macedonian call” and began Southern Baptist work in Minnesota and Wisconsin in the 1950s.  They grew from a single church into an association, into a fellowship, and then into Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention.  The partnership has spanned more than half a century.
    Now Trinity River Baptists have the opportunity to join in that mission effort by partnering with an association of churches in southeastern Minnesota.
    Emmanuel Baptist in Rochester will be the lead church and will help open doors for us to work with other churches in Pioneer Baptist Association.  
    Please read and pray about the proposed partnership covenant in the right column of this page and be prepared to vote on it during our April executive board meeting.

*     *     *     *     *

    Donna Kay and I have known Bill and Sarah Williamson (see photo) for more than 20 years.  They were at the annual MWBC Pastors and Wives Retreat that we and the Gruvers attended in February. 
    Native Texans, they were among the first who transplanted to M-W to help establish Southern Baptist work there.  They have lived in Minnesota for 55 years and planted the church with which we will partner.
    I learned something interesting while visiting with them at the retreat.
    Bill was the predecessor of David Cross, chaplain of the Baptist Hospital in Beaumont.  And the only church Bill pastored while in Texas was our own Center Baptist in Thicket, 1952-53.
    It is a small world, indeed.

*     *     *     *     *

    A big thank you to all who help provide for the TRBA food pantry.  We feed an average of 89 people each month.
    Several churches sign up for a certain month and bring us food during that month.  If your church would like to help that way, please call Theresa.

*     *     *     *     *

    Donna Kay and I want to thank each of you who heard of our son’s accident and prayed for him.  For more than half an hour we thought we had lost him.  
   At noon, Saturday, Feb. 20, in The Villages, Fla., Brian, 38, had just begun a six-mile run, training for a Memorial Day Weekend marathon in Buffalo, N.Y.  He was running at a golf course on a path reserved for golf carts, bicycles and pedestrians.
   He saw a golf cart speeding toward him, then two women ejected from the cart.  That was the last thing he remembers.
   The driver of an SUV had suffered a medical emergency causing him to lose consciousness.  The SUV had left the highway and sped onto the path, hitting the rear of the golf cart and pushing it down the path into Brian who was running toward them. 
    The two women in the golf cart died.  The driver of the SUV is still hospitalized.  Brian, by the grace of God, is home recovering from a broken fibula, broken ribs, concussion, cuts and abrasions.  He has stitches, staples and a boot on his right leg.
   He will be out of commission for a few weeks. He won’t be running a marathon in May.  But he is alive and well and will make a full recovery.  We are blessed.
    Thinking of losing my son reminded me of how great was the Father’s sacrifice when He gave His Son to die on the cross for our sin.  
    We were spared tragedy this time, but that by no means immunizes us from tragedy to come.  We live in a broken world marred by sin where pain and sorrow and suffering and death are sure to come.  We must hold this earthly life lightly and cling to eternity tightly. 

Clinging to Jesus,

David Williams

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