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Sunday, May 01 2016

Help us celebrate Associational Emphasis Week this year by leading your church to start something new during the week of May 15-21.  It would be a real blessing to your church and your community.  Starting something new is a good way to re-energize a church.

    When a church continues to do what it has always done, it can become stagnant.  Long-time members may feel comfortable, but the church may not be reaching new people or impacting their community with the Gospel.
    Whenever we start something new with a focus on sharing the Good News with people, we reach some people we have never reached before.  And, more importantly,  God is glorified.
    A good place to consider for starting something new would be in your Sunday School.  A church’s attendance grows when the church begins new Sunday School classes because those new classes reach new people.  More than any other ministry, starting something new in your Sunday School can bring new growth to your church attendance and membership.
    Bible studies outside the church are also something to consider.  Could your church start a Bible study off campus at a coffee shop or fast food restaurant and invite only people who don’t go to church anywhere?  What about a Bible study in a mobile home park, apartment complex, RV park, or assisted living center?
    Maybe your church would be interested in starting a disaster relief ministry.  Check out the article on page 1 about training that will be offered right here in our association on May 20-21.  
    Or your church might want to start something new by joining our associational partnership with southeastern Minnesota.  A trip is planned for July 9-16.  Could one or two of your members go on that trip to explore missions in Minnesota?  Read the article on page 1.  If no one from your church can go, you can still have a part through prayer and financial support.  Fund a team member or contribute to the whole trip and reduce the cost for each person.
    How about starting something new by encouraging your church members to volunteer to help associational or community ministries such as:

  • The Family Visitors’ Center at the prison (see the article to the right on this page)
  • TRBA Men’s Ministry, helping churches with building repairs (contact Bill Fabriguze)
  • Spirit of Sharing (SOS) in Liberty, Pregnancy and Care Center in Dayton, or House of Destiny in Votaw
  • TRBA food pantry or office work
  • Meals for Pastor Essentials class
  • Men Alive Outdoor Expo (information coming soon for ways you can help)

    When your members volunteer in ministries beyond the church, they will come back with exciting stories that will motivate others to get more involved in service.
    What about starting a new church?  First Liberty did that recently and Line Camp Cowboy Church is now running more than 40 in attendance each week.  
    If your church is interested in considering starting a new church, I would be excited to bring a one-day Church Planting 101 conference to you.  Your church members can find out what church planting is all about and how they can move forward as the Lord leads them.
    As you can see, there is no shortage of possibilities for starting something new.  Pray, asking the Lord to show you what He would have your church to do.  Then follow the Spirit’s leading.  And don’t be surprised if the Holy Spirit prompts you to start something new. 

On your mark, get set, start!
David Williams

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